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1&1 – no business like any other

We operate in an exciting, highly dynamic market environment.

Our success depends on our staff that can quickly adapt to new circumstances, to constantly grow and learn.

A large part of your development is therefore "on the job" instead - by getting other challenges the latest technology and "learning by doing". Here, the fun factor of the pressure is often high, but also.


We rely on their own initiative - there is little in our pre-drawn career paths, but many options: open positions are advertised internally, managers get to 90% from its own ranks. Technical careers can evolve from junior to senior, to a staff function. Flat hierarchies and short lines of communication up to the Board of help that you can participate fully.

Continuous Feedback

Feedback is continuous, in projects such as the daily business. Detailed annual performance reviews to ensure that you know where you stand, and can talk in peace on development prospects. In the sample time such discussions take place even every three months in order to facilitate orientation.

Further Education

Regularly held in-house seminars: training in presentation, conflict management, negotiation techniques, etc. make you fit for the job. Also usually done in-house technical training, completed eg to participate in conferences such as the Linux days. Our decision makers through several management modules and get under the leadership appraisals feedback from their employees.


Special cross-sector programs promote our internal service providers, supplemented by programs for highly qualified newcomers (trainee programs, training on the job). Assessment centers, stations in other departments, fireside chats or a 360-degree feedback are just some the various components of these programs.