Career Advice

What are "meaningful application documents" to 1 & 1?

Your application should provide us with a comprehensive picture of your person. These include:

Cover Letter

The cover letter is one of the most important parts of your application. Make it clear why you are applying for this position exactly right with us. Do not tell your resume to - show us why you are so interesting for us, that we should invite you for an interview. Please state your salary expectations and your earliest possible starting date and To their notice.


Cover your education and your career off completely. Typically, you start with the higher education. Make sure that any gaps are explained in the resume (eg application phase, study abroad, etc.). Language and computer skills as well as your hobbies are interested also.


Please attach all relevant certificates. This includes employment certificates, university degree and training or degrees. Seminar certificates or similar certificates bloat your application, however, mostly on unnecessarily.


For some positions (eg website producer) we attach great importance to appropriate references and work samples. Then we note in each invitation individually.

What should I look for job applications via email or online form?

The best way to pack all documents into a single PDF document. So that we can open all documents with one click. Also make sure so that the layout of your documents is not distorted. The file size should not exceed 5MB.